Frequently asked questions

How big is the Legacy Locker?

The Legacy Locker is approximately 16" (L) X 12" (W) X 7.5" (H).

What can I store in my Legacy Locker?

The middle compartments in the top drawer (solid top) or top shelf (glass top) are specifically designed for a military member's ribbon rack and set of large medals. Other smaller compartments are provided as storage for rank and combat qualification insignia. However, the Legacy Locker provides a lot of flexibility for storage of anything you'd like to keep inside. How will you use your Legacy Locker?

Is shipping really free for the Legacy Locker?

Yes! Shipping is always free at American Legacy Gear, including for the Legacy Locker.

How do I tell what clothing size is right for me?

The American Legacy Gear clothes are sized appropriately for what we would consider typical sizing in the U.S. Where there are any variances to the sizing, or any other aspect of the clothing, we have provided a note in the product details.
If you don't see a note addressing sizing in the product details, please order the size you customarily wear.